Dollfie Dream Rina Ogata as a first try with new wig and eyes. I really like the result

Dollfie Dream Chronicles

Dollfie Dream Chronicles is a Blog dedicated to Volks Dollfie Dream doll. Information, tutorials & help, creativity and all about Dollfie Dream. in 2018 I finally decided to define my former doll blog specific to Dollfie Dream only.

About me.

I’m a hobbyist photographer since 2010. Thats when I started collecting dolls (Pullips from groove back then) and „seriously“ being interested in taking pictures and capture moments.

My first Bjd was a Fairyland Dark Elf Soo and I got her in 2013, thats when my interest in BJDs started growing. Now I concentrade on collecting Dollfie Dreams and BJDs some Pullips from the past are still  with me! 🙂 Also I have a little collection of figures, like Nendoroids, Figmas and more!

Other than that I enjoy drawing, gaming and creativity within many different kinds of ways and art. I Wish I would be better at sewing, but I am trying! J Creepy, cute and fantasy is mostly my inspiration source or style. But I enjoy different styles and looks and experiments too!

As there are many things I enjoy I am willing to get better and improve my skills in different fields.

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Software – Adobe Photoshop CC & Lightroom, Paint tool SAI

Camera – Nikon D750

Tablet – Wacom Intuos Pro M

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Feel free to ask me if you want to trade banners or links from our blogs! I would be happy if you link me with one of my banners.

A Blog & Website for Dollfie Dream, picture, tutorials & more!

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