Face-up Fantasy #03

Face-up Fantasy #03 – Face-up practise There are some new updates from my Face-up practise on my Dollfie Dream DDH-06! Some WIP also as some finished results. Please enjoy my little journey to hopefully improve my Face-up skills with Dollfie Dream! I still have to improve so much more! But at least they are not…


Face-up Fantasy #02

Face-up Fantasy #02 Hello everyone! It’s time for sharing some new Face-up practise from me. This time featuring my BJD Iplehouse Aria. Her head has been without a Face-up for a while now, and since I was practising a lot lately I thought I could add her to my projects beside the DDH-06 Dollfie Dream…


Face-up Fantasy #01

Face-up Fantasy #01 So I had a great time in my free week a while ago. Which made me very happy and proud too (to be honest)! I had some more time to practise my Face-up skills and keep moving on. Sharing some of my work with you, please enjoy part one of this little…


Character announcement – Seiko

So as mentioned in my 2017 Creator Meme post a while ago I am planning a new character and doll! 🙂 This time I actually got the character of her first (haha yes this is unusual for me) but her doll form will not take much longer to be finished, I’m very happy with this.

Character re-design #2 – Tsuyu

So let’s make a full power start kind of in this new year with a new character Re-design! So I am not 100% sure If Rinoa will turn Into „Tsuyu“, as I have to consider a few things and styles of the mold and so on. But maybe she will be the one who will…


Character re-design #1 – Kaede

So lately I got really motivated by two great bloggers and artists: River and Nana-chan! Due to great tutorials and help or their great work within their characters and stories! Thank you both a lot. I thought about my characters a lot lately. Especially those who are displayed out through my dolls. I do not…


[Drawing] – Cosmic girl

One of my first drawing I did when I got into drawing once again a while ago! So out of practise, but I had fun experimenting with an own style. It all began with a nonsense scribble in my notebook, then I decided to give it a real try on my PC.   Scribble Back…