Frame Arms Girls – a little showcase

More details about Frame Arms Girls Today I really want to share my Frame Arms Girls with you! I got my first about a year ago (haha) and several have followed after her. They are plastic model kits with mostly a height of 150 mm, fully moveable and can ce customized. The parts they come…


Sweet fortune – Nozomi Tojo

So I have this amazing Nozomi figure from Alter (sculptor Toshiyuki Yagyu) for some while now. But some time ago I had the “courage” to take some worthy pictures of her! Please enjoy this photo of her. I really wanted to capture her in a special and magical kind of way! This 1/7 PVC figure…


[Photo session] – Sinon

First little photo session wit hmy Sinon Nendoroid! Enjoying some last summer time. I don’t know if it is a new thing for Nendoroids but I noticed, that she has thise nice joints on her arm, so that you can pose it, without actually replace the arm with another pose.