Smile for me – Seiko’s unboxing!

Well here we go with my new and beloved Seiko. I talked rather a lot of her last week when she was introduced! I was so excited and happy (still am!) about the fact that she finally arrived home with me. And I am happy to show you the doll form of my character.

Character announcement – Seiko

So as mentioned in my 2017 Creator Meme post a while ago I am planning a new character and doll! 🙂 This time I actually got the character of her first (haha yes this is unusual for me) but her doll form will not take much longer to be finished, I’m very happy with this.

Spring maiden

Since I forgot her elf ears last time, I really wanted to take some new pictures of her in her Kimono! I enjoyed this little photosession of her. And in the end, even I did not intend to do xD, the pictures are kind of connected. Just afterwards I recognized that, if I swap the…


[Drawing] – Kid Cobra from Nintendo Arms

My latest drawing is from a character of a game called Arms from the Nintendo Switch. It is a pretty nice and fun fighting game with great unique characters. It is like boxing, but in a more cool kind of way! ^^ My boyfriend really likes this character amd this arm called

Mischievous smile – Tsuyu

I can happily show you some fist pictures of Tsuyu! Even though she is not full finished as I altered her face-up digital (it’s not finshed yes, not even started >.<). I’m still not sure if I will try it myself (as it would be only some minor changes) or  maybe if I want to…


Character re-design #2 – Tsuyu

So let’s make a full power start kind of in this new year with a new character Re-design! So I am not 100% sure If Rinoa will turn Into „Tsuyu“, as I have to consider a few things and styles of the mold and so on. But maybe she will be the one who will…


My year 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you had an all in all great year 2017 so far! For myself I can say the last year contained some big changes and surprises for me, but I’m very happy how things turned out even though there were some setbacks. A look into the past So 2017 went on so…


Winter dream – Kaede

Yes finally some spare time to share some great updates with you! 🙂 A while ago I made a blog entry with my re-design of my Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma – Kaede. So now I can “proudly” present you some of her first pictures! Only a few pictures and not my best session but…