Nendoroid Monday #15

It’s Nendoroid Monday time again! Ahd with this I wish you another nice week! My last week was very exhausting, I hope this one will be better. 🙂 Lately as I mentioned before I struggle with taking pictures ü.ü feeling uninspired and unmotivated, but

Nendoroid Monday #14

Another Nendoroid Monday! Weeks are surely flying away wow. Have a good start in this week, I hope spring will soon arrive even though it is super cold here these days. But you can feel the days getting longer and more lighty.

Spring maiden

Since I forgot her elf ears last time, I really wanted to take some new pictures of her in her Kimono! I enjoyed this little photosession of her. And in the end, even I did not intend to do xD, the pictures are kind of connected. Just afterwards I recognized that, if I swap the…


Nendoroid Monday #13

So today I want to send out some summer like vibes out to you! We had a very nice and sunny weekend and spring is definetly getting closer I can’t wait to take somre more pictures outside! Please enjoy cute Saber Lily and have a very nice new week aswell!

Nendoroid Monday #12

Hello and good day! Here comes another Nendoroid Monday! This time I had to took and edit this picture in a hurry yesterday. The weekend was quite busy so I had very little time, hopefully you still like this capture of Princess Zelda (and little Toon Link in tha background haha). I actually

Nendoroid Monday #11

Good day and happy Nendoroid Monday everyone! February arrived quickly! I plan to work on a new little drawing pratice this month and also to organize my doll clothing. ^^ A lot of things to do, but I am looking forward to get them done!

Nendoroid Monday #10

Happy monday everyone! Hope you had a great start! Sending out some Nendoroid monday greetings with Yamato from Kantai Collection -KanColle-. It is February soon and I am looking forward to spring time already as I hope that there will be some time

[Drawing] – Kid Cobra from Nintendo Arms

My latest drawing is from a character of a game called Arms from the Nintendo Switch. It is a pretty nice and fun fighting game with great unique characters. It is like boxing, but in a more cool kind of way! ^^ My boyfriend really likes this character amd this arm called