Nendoroid Monday #09

Aaaand another monday arrives! Sharing some sweetness with Hacka the doll 1 🙂  To be honest I don’t know the series or character at all, but sometimes even those characters will find a way to me. ^^ She is so cute and pretty I had to get her. Please enjoy this little capture of her.

Mischievous smile – Tsuyu

I can happily show you some fist pictures of Tsuyu! Even though she is not full finished as I altered her face-up digital (it’s not finshed yes, not even started >.<). I’m still not sure if I will try it myself (as it would be only some minor changes) or  maybe if I want to…


Nendoroid Monday #08

Time runs so fast wow! 🙂 I wish you a great monday everyone! Sending you some positive vibes out there and hopefully a little smile with this picture of toon link, remember to keep on going even if things aren’t going as planned, practice is the key! Please enjoy!

Character re-design #2 – Tsuyu

So let’s make a full power start kind of in this new year with a new character Re-design! So I am not 100% sure If Rinoa will turn Into „Tsuyu“, as I have to consider a few things and styles of the mold and so on. But maybe she will be the one who will…


Nendoroid Monday #07

Happy Monday everyone! This time featuring two of my favorite Characters of Love live! School Idol Project: Maki and Nozomi! I thought they look very adorable together, so natually I had to take a picture of them (aren’t these holding hands cute? ^^)

My year 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you had an all in all great year 2017 so far! For myself I can say the last year contained some big changes and surprises for me, but I’m very happy how things turned out even though there were some setbacks. A look into the past So 2017 went on so…


Nendoroid Monday #05

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have some great time. This picture came into my mind after taking the pictures of both as for their different “settings”! 🙂 Hope you enjoy haha. I had a lot of fun taking the pictures, poor Yoshino though! Surely Saber would have invited her

Winter dream – Kaede

Yes finally some spare time to share some great updates with you! 🙂 A while ago I made a blog entry with my re-design of my Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma – Kaede. So now I can “proudly” present you some of her first pictures! Only a few pictures and not my best session but…