News about my plans or ordered dolls (Dollfie DReam and Bjd) and figure related topics. Character concepts for my dolls are included!

Volks recently gave some further information about their PayPal Issue.

Dollfie Dream & PayPal

Volks Website Store & PayPal? Three month ago we had some information from Volks Website Store. They said they won’t accept PayPal as a payment method anymore. I was super sad because it was a good solution for overseas getting their items. Especially taking part in their lottery system. Update Januar 2019: Hi everyone! Volks…

Dollfie Dream blog – News and creativity

Dollfie Dream Blog

Dollfie Dream blog – Dollfie Dream chronicles Hi everyone – long time no see indeed! Finally (and fortunately) I can share my new site with you all – my Dollfie Dream blog. It took me a while to get everything done but I am happy with my site so far. I hope you are all…

Yuriko Nanao as a Dollfie Dream Sister from the idolmaster million live! Not my picture – pictures (c) copyright by Volks INC.

[News] Dollfie Dream Sister Yuriko Nanao

New Dollfie Dream Sister release Yuriko Nanao A new Dollfie Dream Sister just got announced on Twitter from Volks: Yuriko Nanao. According to the information in the tweet she will be available on the 15th July at the Akihabara Doll Point. Later following on some Hobby Heaven Website on the 21th July? (Hopefully the translator…