Photo session from my Dollfie Dream and Bjd Dolls, figures and more!

Photo Session with my Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma – Kaede from Volks.

First Spring

Happy Birthday Kaede! I took these pictures just one day before Kaede’s Birthday on the 21th April (maybe you saw the little twitter post on her actual birthday on the 22th April)! We had such a great weather and I had a great time posing and trying out some new things outside with my cute…

Photo session with my Dollfie Dream Seiko – DDH-07 from Volks.

Seeking the sun

Seeking the sun Some first outdoor pictures of my beloved Seiko (Dollfie Dream DDH-07) with her cute umbrella. I had a great time and enjoyed taking her in our garden for some new captures. Have fun watching! So it happend that I had a similar idea like Nana the past time! (Enjoy her umbrella themed…

Summoning Spring header

Spring maiden

She is such a petty spring maiden right? Since I forgot her elf ears last time, I really wanted to take some new pictures of her in her Kimono! I enjoyed this little photosession of her. And in the end, even I did not intend to do xD, the pictures are kind of connected. Just…