Tutorials and helpful little tips and Informations right out of my knowlegde all about Dollfie Dreams and Bjds and photography.

Some more of my work to get better at Face-ups.

Face-up Fantasy #03

Face-up Fantasy #03 – Face-up practise There are some new updates from my Face-up practise on my Dollfie Dream DDH-06! Some WIP also as some finished results. Please enjoy my little journey to hopefully improve my Face-up skills with Dollfie Dream! I still have to improve so much more! But at least they are not…

A little glossary for Dollfie Dream Terms and acronyms.

Dollfie Dream dictionary

Terms and definitions – a Dollfie Dream dictionary There are some terms or words in the hobby which might be confusing, especially for beginners. I want to share some useful information about the most used and important acronyms and terms. Some of these can also be used for other doll types. Dollfie Dream terms MDD…