Dollfie Dream Dynamite – DDdy

The Dollfie Dream Dynamite size is well known for their curvy and glamorous body shape! They have an extremely wide bust and hip size compared to the other Dollfie Dream. The basic model “Miko” for example is a bit more pricey than the other DD models. The Dollfie Dream Dynamite Base Body III is available in normal and semi-white skin. It has also 14 movable points and is made out of Soft vinyl and ABS Resin Frame – which is a DDIF Frame. The curves of this doll makes her very mature. You have to take care of what clothes will suit her. Because of her special body shape she won’t be able to wear all the other clothes from your other Dollfie Dream dolls.

Of course just like the other Dollfie Dream the Dynamite Body can also wear all the other DD models regular heads.


For the standard “normal Model” from Volks.

Height (A) – 565 mm

Bust (B) – 265 mm

Waist (C) – 160 mm

Hip (D) – 275 mm

Legth of Leg (E) – 305 mm

Overview and size of a Dollfie Dream Dynamite doll. Not my Picture! – (c) copyright Volks
Not my Picture! – (c) copyright Volks