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The eyes are the mirror to the soul, that’s also true for your dolls. As they are a big part of their appearance and important for their character. So what size is needed for your doll: well this also depends on how you want it to look like. Bigger and colorful eyes for a younger appearance or small and fierce ones for an adult? It is up to you. Dollfie Dream eyes excist in many different styles.

The most common type of eyes are acrylic eyes or those who are made out of glass. They have a more realistic look. You can even create your own eyes.

Dollfie Dream owners usually use so called “Animatic eyes” for their dolls. They have the typical “anime” styled look. But you can also use other eyes for your Dollfie Dream, just make sure they will fit your DD!

Animatic eyes

Like the name says – they have this anime style and are often used for Dollfie Dreams and similar dolls like Angel Philias.

Acrylic eyes

Acrylic eyes can look very realistic but can also have sparkles in them and other little details. They can be flat or a full eyeball.


Glass eyes are usually made as full eyeballs and as one piece.

What eye size?

As stated above you can trivialize this question. But If you want to have a first good reference what to start with, you can always take a look at the company site from your doll! Usually they have the eye sizes written down on the doll information page.

So after checking out your dolls reference eyes size you can try on slightly bigger or smaller eyes if you want to change the look.  Don’t overdo it as they might be to small / big to fit into the eyes hole itself! Like if they are too small they could appear to have some unrealistic gaps.

Not only the eye size in important!

There are some more points which you’ll have to keep in mind for eyes. Not only the size of the eyes is important but also the size of the pupil and iris! They are also important for a specific look. Please consider this when buying new eyes.

This may sounds a bit complicated now, but don’t worry as for my experiences there were only very few eyes who could not fit my doll in any way. Just make sure you have this in mind when ordering and you’ll be doing fine!

As you see in the drawing the eyes “dome” is also important. It is the size on how the eye will extrude in front of the “lense”. Most expensive eyes have a low dome, this means they will fit better in different kind of eye holes. Often glass eyes have very high domes so be aware.

And there are flat eyes and some with a “lever” / “handle”. Usually those with the lever are just a bit better to position the eye in the head. But the flat ones are more versatile if you don’t have “so much space” in a head (haha). Just like for smaller Dolls. Due to their manufacturing process glass eyes come with such a handle.

Picture on the right: red = whole size of the eye – blue = Iris size – yellow = pupil – green = “Dome” the height of the eye

Things you should know about Dollfie Dream eyes: There are different sizes and styles. Red = whole size of the eye – blue = Iris size – yellow = pupil – green = "Dome" the height of the eye

How to remove Dollfie Dream eyes?

Important: Always take care of the head and the face-up of your doll when handling them. Especially when you are about to change their eyes.

It is a bit more tricky to remove the default eyes from a Dollfie Dream than from a BJD. As most of the default eyes are glued (some sort of hot glue) into the head of a Dollfie Dream. I recommend that you remove the head from your doll first, this way it will be a bit easier. Please be super careful so that you won’t hurt yourself or damage your doll!

Take the head cap off. First try to push the eyes from the outside to the inside. You can use some force but be very cautious so that you won’t slipp of. If you were able to loosen the eyes a bit you can push the head on the sides (on the ears) gently together just so little that you might loosen the eyes from the head even more. Make sure to try if you can already grab the eyes from the inside and take them off.

If they just won’t budge you can try with an edgeless item to lift the eyes off from the inside. Be very careful so that you won’t damage the doll or hurt yourself.

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