Dollfie Dream Sister size – DDS

Literally the “Dollfie Dream Sister” are a bit smaller then the actual Dollfie Dream dolls (about 30 mm). Their bust ist a bit smaller too 5 mm, but their hips are 10 mm bigger than the Dollfie Dream. The Dollfie Dream Sister have the DDIF Frame and 14 movable points in their body just as the other DD models. Their appearance is a bit more delicate and can be used for some variance in your Doll crew! The standard models are available in normal and semi-white skin.

Other sizes of regular Dollfie Dream heads will suit them aswell.


For the standard Model from Volks (M Bust).

Height (A) – 545 mm

Bust (B) – 220 mm

Waist (C) – 145 mm

Hip (D) – 235 mm

Legth of Leg (E) – 275 mm

Overview and size of a Dollfie Dream Sister doll. Not my Picture! – (c) copyright Volks
Not my Picture! – (c) copyright Volks