Dollfie Dream sizes & characteristics

Dollfie Dream can be bought in many different sizes and appearances. Not only the head or face, but also in their height, measurement and body shapes aswell. These are the information of the standard body and models and their basic measurements. Changes as for different busts on different models etc. are not considered. Please keep in mind that you can chance different parts like the bust size to give your Dollfie Dream a different look (and size!).

The different models

MDD – Mini Dollfie Dream
Height – 435 mm
Mini Dollfie Dream are currently the smallest of the Dollfie Dream series.

PDD – Pretty Dollfie Dream (coming soon)
Height – 500 mm
The connecting step between MDD and DDS. They also come with the latest frame: DD-f³

DDS – Dollfie Dream Sister
Height – 545 mm
The little “sister” of the popular Dollfie Dream size. The Body is in the same price range as the DD but they differ in their height as little details such as a bigger hip as the Dollfie Dream Dolls.

DD – Dollfie Dream
Height – 565 mm
The original Dollfie Dream size and the standard Dollfie Dream from Volks.

DDDY – Dollfie Dream Dynamite
Height – 565 mm
They have the same size as the DD model but come with a very curvy body! Their hip and bust are much bigger than from the other models. (Standard Bodys)