Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka Vers. 2


Dollfie Dream Doll Rin Tohsaka Vers. 2 (Fate Unlimited Bladework) from Volks. Drawing by Yureya


This doll is not one of my own characters, as she stayed the original Dollfie Dream Doll from a collaboration Project: Rin Tohsaka Vers. 2!

She is a characters of the fate Series and has multiple appearances in different Series.

About Fate / stay Night

Mainly the Series and games are about the war for the holy grail, which can grand you any wish you like. Mages will fight against each other until one remains as a winner. They all summon Hero souls from well-known heros or important people from the past. Like Hercules, Shakespeare and so on. Each Hero has a class, which describes their style and abilities: So like Archer, Caster, Berserker and maybe you already guessed it: Saber! Rin is a mage.

Arrival Date: 07-2018

Doll Company: Volks INC.

Mold: Rin Tohsaka Vers. 2

Face up: Default FU

Size: Dollfie Dream

Skin Color: normal skin

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