Lyanelle is a Minifee Fairyline Rendia (Goddess of Forest) Bjd.

Lyanelle – FairyLand Minifee Rendia

Lyanelle is a creature of the sea. Some sort of mermaid with a sea horse like tail. She has this alluring appearance and studies the (white) witchcraft down under the depths of the sea. Due to all the practise she is able to transform her tail into human legs, so she can wander the world of the earthlings aswell. She likes to observe them and their behavior, but most importantly she is interested in the flora and fauna of the world which comes even more in handy for her recipies.

She is intelligent, soft hearted and calm. Lyanelle rarely speaks and even though her special field is in the white witchcraft the black one has a special place in her thoughts and heart.

Doll Company: FairyLand

Mold: Rendia

Face up: Default FU

Face up: Default FU

Size: MSDFairyline (36.5 cm) + seahorse tail

Skin Color: natural skin / pastel pink (tail)

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