Dollfie Dream Sister Akira


Dollfie Dream Doll Tsuyu (altered Dollfie Dream Sister Akira). Drawing and character by Yureya

Tsuyu – Character

  • 20 Years old
  • Birthday 02nd November (Día de los Muertos)
  • Tsuyu means morning dew in japanese, also a rainy season is called Tsuyu in japan
  • She loves gaming (especially graphic novels) and blogging (walkthroughs and tips for games)
  • At the time she is working in a tiny book store
  • She loves scary stories and occult things
  • Stays awake very long too often
  • Tsuyu could not care less what others think about her even though she acts strange, in fact she sometimes even enjoy to scare people with her occult things
  • Sometimes Tsuyu would love to dress up like a Lolita Girl.
  • If she could choose it she would want to be a cat (She could remind you of a sleepy black cat!)

Arrival Date: 04-08-2016

Doll Company: Volks INC.

Mold: Akira

Face up: Default FU

Size: Dollfie Dream Sister

Skin Color: normal skin

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