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Please respect my designs, characters and in general my intellectual property of my work. It is great if I can inspire people or help them with my tutorials or work, but do not claim my work as yours or copy it right away. However as above stated it is ok if my work inspires you, it is a comman thing within art in generall anyway. We are all inspired by different kinds of things. Reference for learning is also ok, as most of the artist are using references for their drawings, as it is easier than drawing something from your mind. But as stated there is a difference between this and just copying the whole art. Keep this in mind and create your own style and art wether it is about drawing or photography.

Anyways I am always happy and honored about fanart, please give me the right credits non the less. Share it with me too if you like 🙂


At the moment I am not offering any commissions wether if it is about Doll face-ups or drawings. As I really want to improve my skills first and finding my own way and style (mostly for drawing) especially if people would pay for it. But who knows maybe one day. Sticking on fanart or my own character for now.

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If you want to you can freely use the banners here to give me a backlink on your site or blog! I would appreciate it. Please do not alter them though. If you want to trade backlinks, you can contact me for further information. Thank you!

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How long have you been in these hobbies?

I remember I have liked drawing from being a little child. But I took it more “seriously” when I got into Anime and Manga when I was about 12. Ever since i drew a lot, however when I startet to work and trainee I kinda lost focus of it. For a while now I started angain and want to improve myself and trying to find my own style.

About photography, well if I think about it now I liked to take pictures when I had the chance holding a camera when I was younger. But when I was older around in 2010 I got my first own camera and hobby where I used it, and as you could guessed it was the time when I got into the doll hobby too! Starting off with Pullips, later into BJDs and Dollfie Dreams aswell.

Where else can i find you?

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