Mini Dollfie Dream – MDD

Mini Dollfie Dream are currently one of the smallest dolls with 435 mm in size available at Volks. Their current price without tax is 25.000 JPY. Because of their tiny and delicate appearance they make a good choice for younger characters and similar ideas.Like the other DD models they have an inner frame made out of ABS Resin and the outer material is made out oft soft vinyl.

They can also use the regular heads of the bigger Dollfie Dream dolls! It is a nice detail and make them very versatile.


For the standard Model from Volks (S Bust).

Height (A) – 435 mm

Bust (B) – 155 mm

Waist (C) – 135 mm

Hip (D) – 185 mm

Legth of Leg (E) – 210 mm

Overview and size of a Mini Dollfie Dream doll. Not my Picture! – (c) copyright Volks
Not my Picture! – (c) copyright Volks