Is short for the customizable Ball-jointed-dolls. They can be bought from different doll companies like Migidoll, Doll Fairyland, Souldoll and more. They are made out of resin.

Outdoor photo session with Lyanelle – BJD Fairyland Minifee Rendia.

Garden of memories

Garden of memories So these pictures are actually almost one year old. But I wanted to share them with you non the less! I had taken Lyanelle with me in our garden and took a couple of pictures. Here we go and sharing some memories! Lyanelle is a very lovely and special “little” doll. I…

Little song Mayoi header

[Drawing] – ft. Mayoi

One of my very first drawings I finished last year (digital). After I started to get into drawing again. Just a little Chibi practise of my doll Mayoi (Little Monica Chloe). Many other Chibi characters followed. I thought it would be a good start with more simplified drawings.

Happy Halloween

And a wonderful last day of this october! Oh I am always so excited about Halloween! I love the decorations (ect.) and things you can get in the stores (even though I live in Germany we do have at least some few opportunities to get something for this special time of year – without using…