Dolls from the company Volks in japan. They release and produce these anime styled dolls. Using their own characters or nameable collaboration projects ro create dolls of famouse Anime / Game characters like Miku Hatsune, Saber, Sinon from Swort Art Online and many more.

A little glossary for Dollfie Dream Terms and acronyms.

Dollfie Dream dictionary

Terms and definitions – a Dollfie Dream dictionary There are some terms or words in the hobby which might be confusing, especially for beginners. I want to share some useful information about the most used and important acronyms and terms. Some of these can also be used for other doll types. Dollfie Dream terms MDD…

Volks recently gave some further information about their PayPal Issue.

Dollfie Dream & PayPal

Volks Website Store & PayPal? Three month ago we had some information from Volks Website Store. They said they won’t accept PayPal as a payment method anymore. I was super sad because it was a good solution for overseas getting their items. Especially taking part in their lottery system. Volks plans to fix the issue…

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia.

Doll comparision

Doll Comparison – Dollfie Dream & Angel Philia Featuring Dollfie Dream Type III, Dollfie Dream Sister and Angel Philia. Please be aware of doll nudity! This time I worked on a doll comparision post between three different dolls. The results were surprising for me. For more information and picture please go ahead! Height and doll…