Dollfie Dream Tutorials

This is my Dollfie Dream tutorials section as an overview and links from my work. I want to share my experiences and informations about Dollfie Dream.

I summarized some basic information and knowledge especially or beginners or those who want to start this hobby. Things as: “What is a DD, which size does they have” and many more tutorials! There are many useful information you should know, when owning /getting a Dollfie Dream! Please take a look around!

Advanced & creative
But there are also many more tutorials for everyone else – all about and for Dollfie Dream! Interesting topics like creating your own Face-ups or eyes. Also creative and inspirational post like making your own DD jewelry or accessory will find their place here.

If you have any questions or interesting topics, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for coming by and have fun!

Dollfie Dream DIY

Your own Dollfie Dream eyes

Print & cut your Designs out. They can now be placed in your eye base.

Make your own Dollfie Dream eyes at home!

DIY Cat ears & tail

It is up to you how you want to decorate your finished cat tail or ears.

Create your own cat tail & ears for your doll!

Dollfie Dream Basics

Want a Dollfie Dream?

No matter if limited or not – here is a Guide on how to buy Dollfie Dream.

Where and how to buy a Dollfie Dream doll?


All about the eyes of your Dollfie Dream

Eye sizes, and different apearances. Useful information about doll eyes.


There are many different styles and colors your can choose from as wigs for your Dollfie Dream.

Colors, fabrics and differend wig sizes summarized.


Before and after comparision of the Dream Rescue Cream.

How to use Dream Rescue cream against stains.

General informations

You want to know more about Dollfie Dream? Here are some main informations

What is a Dollfie Dream? And what sizes or models are available?

Material care

What you should know about your Dollfie Dream

You should definetly know how to handle your Dollfie Dream and the material.


What can you do to prevent stains or get rid of them.

How to prevent stains, and what you can do to remove them.

Dollfie Dream Dictionary

Important terms of the hobby explained

Most important terms and acronyms in the Dollfie Dream hobby

Dollfie Dream Shops

Dollfie Dream Outfits

Seiko is my Dollfie Dream DDH 07

Where to get new outfiths and clothing for your doll?

Dollfie Dream wigs

picture (c) copyright tata's paradise

Were you can get wigs for your DD.

More tutorials & creativity